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Georgeann's ancestors
include  Susannah who married David CRAIG after her first husband, Thomas URIE died. Countless people claim Susannah is the sister of Elizabeth McCONNELL who married Solomon URIE, brother of Thomas URIE. Elizabeth McCONNELL is the daughter of Arthur and Elizabeth (WILSON) McCONNELL who owned a large farm adjoining Thomas URIE, Sr. in Independence Township, Washington County, PA in the late 1700s. 

We would be very grateful for leads on documentation. So far I've exchanged emails with about 30 people who research/or descend from these McCONNELL / URIE / CRAIG families. The few who recall how they added the info to the database all credit the same person who did research many years ago but none mention the original source such as a marriage record, bible record, etc. It's possible that Susannah was the sister of Elizabeth McCONNELL but before I invest more time tracing this line, I'd like to know the source. Another CRAIG descendent set out to prove/disprove the maiden name of Susannah many years ago and the results were inconclusive.

If Arthur McCONNELL served in the Revolutionary War (which seems likely) there might be leads in DAR applications.

Update 12 Nov 2010: http://www.gentree.info/wc03/wc03_136.html shows three husbands for Susannah. This is the first time I have seen Kinnet listed as her first husband.

Kinnet108 Susannah (Susan) McConnell
b. 1765/1766, PA41
d. 27 Jan 1843, Middletown, Washington Co., PA41


Thomas Urie
(1718 - 1804)
Arthur McConnell
( - 1790)
Sarah Reed
(1728 - )
Elizabeth Wilson
( - <1793)

Thomas Urie41,110 Susannah (Susan) McConnell
b. apr 14 1756/1768, Letterkenny, Cumberland Co., PA110,111
d. 1789, Stillwater, Tuscarawas Co., OH110,111
b. 1765/1766, PA41
d. 27 Jan 1843, Middletown, Washington Co., PA41
  Spouses: 1, 2, 3



McCONNELL Websites:

GOOGLE results for "McCONNELL and URIE" on 6 Dec 2000

The Ancestors of William H. Rankin
... Urie (5) was born on Dec 4 1796 in Washington Co., PA, USA. He died on Feb 26 1874
in Jefferson Co., IA, USA. Parents: Solomon Urie and Elizabeth McConnell. ...
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Elizabeth McConnell(5) (6) was born on Jun 26 1769 in Bedford County, PA. (6) She died on Apr 24 1842.(6) Submitter(s):
UNIT 203
Submission: AF97-123815

Thomas Urie & Sarah Reed, Wash. Co., PA
... I am a descendant of Thomas Urie & Sarah Reed through their son Solomon Urie & wife
Elizabeth McConnell & then their son Samuel Urie (wife Rachel Stephenson). ...
genforum.genealogy.com/urie/messages/65.html - 8k - 

Re: Descendants of JOHN BOYD/NANCY URIE
... Urie b. 25 Aug 1791 in Washington Co., PA (son of above Solomon Urie & wife Elizabeth
McConnell) & then down through Samuel's daughter Rachel Urie (b.1835)who ...
genforum.genealogy.com/urie/messages/66.html - 9k -