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 George Raphael MALOWNEY, Sr. (1915-1976)

George Raphael Malowney was born on January 4, 1915 in Springfield, Ohio to Charles Raphael and Rosalind Elizabeth (ODENBAUGH) MALOWNEY. George was the third of six children. 

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Charles R. Malowney - George's father Charles (father), Charles Jr., John, George Charles Jr., John, George George R. Malowney about 1922 family about 1920 brothers and sisters

George attended St. Raphael's Catholic School. George's

1940/41 - all six brothers and sisters were married. George married Catherine Marie KEARNS on  April 23, 1940.
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Coral Gables, FL about 1937 George 1940 Kitty 1940 Navy photo WW II  at his block plant

George purchased two block plants in 1945 and built over 2,000 homes in Springfield, Ohio

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See maps below: George's mom, Treasure lived at 1600 Miracle Mile. Treasure was in the real estate business shortly after her husband died in 1923. I recall reading that she was the first woman to hold a real estate broker's license in Ohio.

George ordered two block plants during WWII. He received a call in late 1945 to come pick up the equipment at the railroad station in 1945. He built over 2,000 homes in Springfield, Ohio from 1945-1959.  They built the  "Miracle Mile subdivision." They named many of the streets after family members. A particular favorite is "St. George Street" named by George. Picture below has block plant in foreground and house on hill in background. See maps below:

1835 Miracle Mile - George's big house (with 10 children)

1604 Miracle Mile - Treasure's house - built by George

1600 Miracle Mile - Virginia MALOWNEY lived next to Treasure in house built by George's son, Michael.

1598? Miracle Mile - Virginia's daughter lived next door to her mom in house built by George's son, Michael

Corner of Mitchell Blvd. & Miracle Mile - MALOWNEY Block Plant  


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Death and legacy. Obituary. Funeral.

George enjoyed excellent health most of his life. Upon return from a large family reunion in Springfield, Ohio during the summer of 1973, some health concerns became apparent. He was hospitalized in November 1973, but it took a while for accurate diagnosis which included cancer. Luckily George was entitled to facilities of the VA Hospital in Tampa. 

George had numerous operations and passed on Wednesday, May 19, 1976. He was buried on Saturday, May 22 which was also his youngest son's birthday.

Life Topics: 

Economics, income, work, career.

George was forever proud of obtaining several jobs in his teenage years which contributed greatly to the support of his widowed mother and family during the depression.

About 1945, George purchased two concrete block plants. He was able to sell one for considerable profit. He built over 2,000 homes in Springfield, Ohio and named many of the streets. 

Living Arrangements, homes.


St. Raphael's Roman Catholic Church, Springfield, Ohio
St. Teresa's Catholic Church, Springfield, Ohio. 
Christ the King Catholic Church, Tampa, Florida. 1959-1976.

Friendships - Frank Caranno and "Buddy" Bach, Springfield, Ohio.

Favorite TV Shows  - Gunsmoke, Bonanza

Favorite Actor - John Wayne