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Database: Maryland Census

Year Surname Given Name (s) County State Page Township or Other Info Record Type Database ID#
1850 MALOWNEY JOHN Montgomery County MD 393 Rockerlee District Federal Population Schedule MD 1850 Federal Census Index MDS5a1089582


  •  Isaac Mollowney in 1855 Griffith's Index for Menlough, Galway, Ireland is believed to be John Malowney's father.
    • John MALOWNEY/MALONEY (his death certificate lists his last name and his father's last name as MALONEY)
      •  b: 7 March 1816 in  Menlough, County Galway, Ireland
      • April 1845 - 1850 - check New York City phone directories & land records.
      • Page 134 (Immediately after his first land record) Land Record Book, Montgomery County, MD:
        • At the request of John Malowney the following report was recorded the 8th day of March 1853 to wit. To the Honorable Judges of Montgomery County Court. The report of John Maloney a native of Ireland aged about twenty nine years shows that he emigrated from Galway in Ireland in the year eighteen hundred and forty five in the month of April and arrived at the City of New York in the United States in May of the same year. That he was born in Menlough in Ireland and was owing allegiance to the Queen of Great Britain. His request that this report may be registered as described by the act of Congress passed _____ as described by the act of Congress passed April 14th 1802 entitled an act to establish a uniform mode of Naturalization and to repeal the acts passed on that subject ____ 
      • left Ireland April 1845, arrived New York City May 1845
      • 1850 Census John MALOWNEY
      • Malowney, John MD MONTGOMERY CO. ROCKERLEE DISTRICT 393 1850
      • married about 1851 Bridget LAWLESS
        • b: 1822-1827 in Ireland     d: April 07, 1890 in Clarksville, MD, St. Louis Cemetery 
      • d: April 11, 1911 in Dayton, Maryland
        • Cause of death on John MALO(W)NEY's death certificate was "Grip", meaning flu, with old age (since he was 95 as a contributing factor)