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Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Irish Ancestors by Dwight A. Radford and Kyle J. Betit pub. March 2001. currently $15.99 on 296 pages A partial lists of chapters: Intro to Irish Research, Administrative Divisions and Place Names, Cemetery Records, Censuses and Name Lists, Church Records, Civil Registrations, Emigration Lists, Estate Records, Inventories & Catalogs, Land Records, Military Records, Society Records, Taxation Records, Wills & Administrations. 144 pages is devoted to research in U. S. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain & British West Indies. 
  The Book of Irish Families : Great & Small (O'Laughlin, Michael C. Book of Irish Families, Great & Small, V. 1.) This Hallmark in Irish family history now includes Scots, English, Welsh & European families that settled in Ireland. There are absolutely more documented family histories and illustrated coat of arms found here than in any other work...and this is only the first volume to the set! Two thousand families have special entries. Coat of arms are given for over 600 families including many hard to find coats. All coat of arms are fully illustrated. The location/source index lists 16,000 additional surnames. Plus a special Irish family research section is authored by Michael C. O’Laughlin, leading authority on Irish heritage and surnames. Ancient maps, illustrations, sources and research tips are all included in this work. M.O'Laughlin (ed.). ISBN 0940134152. 380+ pages. $34.95
  The Complete Book of Irish Family Names
Master Book of Irish Placenames : Master Atlas and Book of Irish Placenames
  The Families of Co. Clare Ireland  New 2nd Edition! History and locations. Thousands of Clare Families, census extracts, maps and illustrations. Hardbound. ISBN 0940134373. 178 pages. $34.00
Families of County Cork, Ireland : From the Earliest Times to the 20th Century: Irish Family Surnames With Locations & Origins:  Including English, sc by Michael C. O'Laughlin

History and Locations. Thousands of Cork Families, census extracts, maps and illustrations. Hardbound. ISBN 0940134357. 220 pages.  $34.00
  Families of Co. Donegal, Ireland by Michael C. O'Laughlin  

History and Locations. Thousands of Donegal Families, landholder lists, etc. Hardbound. ISBN 0940134756. 173 pages. $34.00

  Families of Co. Dublin, Ireland  by Michael C. O'Laughlin  

History and Locations. Thousands of Dublin Families, landholder lists, etc. Hardbound. ISBN 09040134306. $34.00

  Families of Co. Galway, Ireland the genealogy and family by Michael C. O'Laughlin

History and Locations. Thousands of Galway Families, landholder lists, etc. Hardbound. ISBN 09040134004. $34.00

  Families of County Kerry, Ireland : Over Three Thousand Entries from the Archives of the Irish Genealogical Foundation by Michael C. O'Laughlin

The history/location of over 1,000 specific Kerry families. 12,000 listings, including maps and illustrations. ISBN 0940134365. 272 pages. $34.00

  The Families of County Limerick Ireland : Over One Thousand Entries from the Archives of the Irish Genealogical Foundation by Michael C. O'Laughlin

History and Locations. Thousands of Limerick Families, landholder lists, etc. Hardbound. ISBN 09040134314. 172 pages. $34.00

    Tracing Your Irish Ancestors 2nd edition by John Grenham
The Classics: Sloinnte Gaedeal is Gall*
'Irish Names and Surnames,' the original, classic dictionary of Irish surnames by the Rev. Patrick Woulfe (1923), with notes on Gaelic origins. All new IGF index. Includes Irish names for children. ISBN 940134403. $40.00
The Classics: Keatings History of Ireland*
Complete three volume set. New index with genealogies. Nowhere else in print! O'Mahoney trans. Priceless footnotes and folk history from one of the few surviving histories of Ireland. ISBN 940134440. Only 2 Volumes Left...$250.00
The Classics: Ortelius Map of Ireland*
Originally published, 1572 a.d., showing location of Irish families and chieftains. Suitable for framing. $20.00
The Classics:   Tribes and Customs of the Hy Many by John O'Donovan  
The classic work on the families of Co. Roscommon & Galway. This book contains both the original Gaelic and the English translation. First time ever reproduced as a complete set. ISBN 094013439X. $104.00

Book Description
Complete with translation, notes, Hy-Many map, and folding genealogical chart, as prepared by O'Donovan in 1843, this is the major source of information for the families of Hy-Many country. (Counties Roscommon and Galway in Ireland.)

In addition to the history of the Hy-Many families, a separate section gives extensive information on O'Madden, O'Kelly, O'Mainin, (Mac) Keough, O'Donnellan, O'Naughton, and Mullally (Lally)....

Included are the families anciently descended from Sodhan, being the families of (Mac) Ward, O'Scurry, O'Lennan, O'Casan, O'Giallas, O'Maigin and Dugan.

You will also find the pedigrees, armorial bearings, castles and lands of the numerous Hy-Many families. An updated surname index is included in this new hardbound 212+ page edition. The entire book is reproduced in English, and in Gaelic, side by side.


The Classics:   The Genealogies, Tribes, and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach, Commonly Called O'Dowda's Country by John O'Donovan 0940134381. 600+ pages. $129.00
Historical: IThe #1 work on the Irish settling in Missouri westward, 1770-1900. ISBN 0940134438. Rare. $34.00
Historical: The Poetry and Song of Ireland*
The historic collection of massive proportions by John Boyle O'Reilly, with historical footnotes. $35.00
Historical: A Social History of Ancient Ireland by P.W. Joyce
Magnificent 2 volume set covers many faceted topics, including customs, law, art, the heroic sagas, everyday life, a virtual encyclopedia of topics and information by none other than Joyce himself. Long awaited reprint. Hardbound. Over 350 illustrations and maps. ISBN 0940134241. 1318 pages. Complete 2 Volume Set...$145.00
Historical: Irish Genealogies special reprint of vol. 3 of Keatings History of Ireland. 150 pages, 2 color stamping, hard bound.genealogies, topographical poems, maps, charts. now shipping. $29.95
    Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America, 1625-1825 Vol. VI by David Dobson
  Book of Scots-Irish Family Names by Robert Bell
    Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the Four Masters, from the Earliest Period to the Year 1616 by John O'Donovan
    For the Cause of Liberty : A Thousand Years of Irelands Heroes by Terry Golway
    The Scotch-Irish in the Carolinas by Billy Kennedy


Collins Map: Irish Family Names
Collins Map: Irish Family Names
Michelin Map 923: Ireland
Michelin Map 923: Ireland
Michelin Map 986: Great Britain & Ireland
Michelin Map 986: Great Britain & Ireland


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Griffith’s Valuation- Northern Ireland counties


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Griffith’s Valuation- Republic of Ireland counties

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Hayes, Richard J. “Manuscript Sources for the history of Irish Civilization”

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Census of Ireland 1 659 and Poll Money Ordinances


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Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns of Ireland


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Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1841


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Anglo-Norman Ireland (Vol. 3 of 11) Book APL Dolley, Michael
Antiquities of the Irish Countryside Book APL O'Riordain, Sean P.
The Church in Medieval Ireland (Vol. 5 of 11) Book APL Watt, John
A Concise History of Ireland Book APL O'Brien, Maire
Early Irish History and Mythology Book APL O'Rahilley, Thomas
Emigrants From Ireland to America, 1735-1743 Book APL McDonnell, Frances
Emigrants From Ireland 1847-1852 Book APL Ellis, Eilish
Familia - Ulster Genealogical Review Journal APL Ulster G.& His.Guild
Gaelic & Gaelicised Ireland In The Middle Ages Book APL Nichols, Kenneth
(Vol. 4 of 11)      
Gaelic Gleanings Bulletins APL Magee Publications
The Getty of Ireland 1631-ca.1865 Abstracts & Notes Book APL Gettys, Robert C.
A Guide to Irish Churches and Graveyards Book R929.509415/GUI Mitchell, Brian
A Guide to Irish Parish Registers Book R929.3415/MIT Mitchell, Brian
Handbook on Irish Genealogy Book APL Heraldic Artists Ltd.
History of Ireland (in 3 volumes) Books APL Keating, Geoffrey
History of the Irish Settlers in North America Book R929.373/McG McGee, Thomas D'Arcy
From the Earliest Period to the Census of 1850      
In Search of Your British and Irish Roots Book R929.1/BAX Baxter, Angus
Ireland: A History Book R941.5/KEE Kee, Robert
Ireland Guide Book APL Irish Tourist Bureau
Ireland Before the Famine (1798-1848) (Vol.9 of 11) Book APL O'Tuathaigh, Gearoid
Ireland Before the Normans (Vol. 2 of 11) Book APL O'Coraain, Donncha
Ireland Before the Vikings (Vol. 1 of 11) Book APL MacNiocaill, Gearoid
Ireland - A Chronology and Fact Book, 6000 B.C.-1972 Book APL Griffin, William D.
Ireland in the 18th Century (Vol. 8 of 11) Book APL Johnson, Edith Mary
Ireland in the Later Middle Ages (Vol. 6 of 11) Book APL Lydon, James
Ireland in the 20th Century (Vol. 11 of 11) Book APL Murphy, John A.
Irish-American Genealogist (Annuals 1979 & 1980) Notebook APL Augustan Society
Irish Emigration Lists 1833-1839 Book R929.34162/MIT Mitchell, Brian
Irish Families: Their Names, Arms and Origins Book APL MacLysaght, Edward
Irish Family Names: Arms, Origins and Locations Book R929.72/DEB DeBreffny, Brian
Irish Genealogical Abstracts From The Londonderry Book APL Schlegel, Donald M.
Journal 1772-1784      
The Irish Genealogist Journal APL Irish Gen.Res.Soc.
Irish Genealogy: A Record Finder Book APL Begley, Donald F.
The Irish Heritage Book APL Pfeiffer, Betty
Irish Landed Gentry Book APL O'Hart, John
Irish Passenger Lists 1803-1806 Book R929.308991/IRI Mitchell, Brian
(extracted from the Hardwicke Papers)      
Irish Passenger Lists 1847-1871 Book R929.308991/IRI Mitchell, Brian
Irish Pedigrees (2 vol.set) Books R929.3415/OHA/1989/V.1 O'Hart, John
or The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation   R929.3415/OHA/1989/V.2  
Irish Records - Sources for Family & Local History Book R929.3415/RYA Ryan, James G.
Irish Roots Quarterly APL Irish Books & Media
The Modernization of Irish Society (1848-1918) Book APL Lee, Joseph
(Vol. 10 of 11)      
More Irish Families Book APL MacLysacht, Edward
The Palatine Families of Ireland Book R929.3/JON Jones, Henry Z., Jr.
The Road Wet, The Wind Close - Celtic Ireland Book APL Roy, James Charles
Search for Missing Friends - Irish Immigrant      
Advertisements Placed in the Boston "Pilot"      
Vol. I: 1831-1850 Book R974.461/SEA/V.1 Harris and Jacobs
Vol. II: 1851-1853 Book R974.461/SEA/V.2 Harris and O'Keeffe
Vol.III: 1854-1856 Book R974.461/SEA/V.3 Harris and O'Keeffe
Vol. IV: 1857-1860 Book R974.461/SEA/V.4 Harris and O'Keeffe
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The Ulster Clans Book APL Mullin & Mullan
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When the Normans Came to Ireland Book APL Sheehy, Maurice
Your Irish Coats-of-Arms Book APL Murtaugh, Paul