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Cities and their Rivers in The United Kingdom and Ireland:

Aberdeen Dee (and the Don) Bangor (Menai Straight)
Bath (Wilts) Avon Bedford (Gt) Ouse
Belfast Lagan Birmingham Rea, Tame, Cole
Brecon Usk Bristol (Wilts) Avon
Cambridge Cam (Granta) Canterbury (Kent) Stour
Carmarthen Towy Cardiff Taff
Carlisle Eden Chester Dee
Colchester Colne Cork Lee
Coventry Sherbourne, Sowe Derby Derwent
Dorchester Frome Dublin Liffey
Dumbarton Clyde Dumphries Nith
Dundee Firth of Tay Durham Wear
Edinburgh Firth of Forth Elgin Lossie
Evesham (Warks) Avon Exeter Exe
Glasgow Clyde Gloucester Severn
Grantham Witham Guildford Wey
Harrogate Nidd Harwich (Essex) Stour
Hereford Wye Hertford Lea
Huntingdon (Gt) Ouse Inverness Ness
Ipswich Orwell Kidderminster Stour
Kings Lynn Great Ouse Kingston upon Hull Hull and the Humber
Lancaster Lune Leeds Aire
Leicester Soar Limerick Shannon
Lincoln Witham Liverpool Mersey
London Thames, Lea    Foyle
Ludlow Teme Maidstone Medway
Manchester Irwell, Medlock Middlesbrough Tees
Monmouth Wye Newbury Kennet
Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne Northampton Nene
Norwich Wesum Nottingham Trent
Nuneaton Anker Oxford Thames (Isis), Cherwell
Perth Tay Peterborough Nene
Plymouth Plym, Tamar (The Sound)    
Preston Ribble Reading Thames, Kennet
Richmond (Yorks) Swale Ripon Ure
Rochester upon Medway Medway Rugby (Warks) Avon
St Albans Ver Salford Irwell
Salisbury (Wilts) Avon, Wily Sheffield Sheaf, Don
Shrewsbury Severn Southampton Test, Itchen
Stafford Sow Stoke-on-Trent Trent
Sunderland Wear Swansea Tawe
Taunton Tone Tewkesbury (Warks) Avon
Truro Kenwyn, Allen Wakefield Calder
Warwick (Warks) Avon Waterford Suir
Westminster Thames Winchester Itchen
Worcester Severn York (Yorks) Ouse
Yeovil Yeo