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    Search for Missing Friends - Irish Immigrant - Advertisements Placed in the Boston "Pilot"

Vol. I: 1831-1850 Book R974.461/SEA/V.1 Harris and Jacobs
Vol. II: 1851-1853 Book R974.461/SEA/V.2 Harris and O'Keeffe
Vol.III: 1854-1856 Book R974.461/SEA/V.3 Harris and O'Keeffe
Vol. IV: 1857-1860 Book R974.461/SEA/V.4 Harris and O'Keeffe
Vol. V: 1861-1865 Book R974.461/SEA/V.5 O'Keeffe, B. Emer
Vol. VI: 1866-1870 Book R974.461/SEA/V.6 O'Keeffe, B. Emer


The Search for Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in the Boston Pilot
Ruth-Ann M. Harris and B. Emer O'Keefe, Editors

http://dpls.dacc.wisc.edu/friends/fr_acc.htm website with Volume 1 (not necessarily associated with editors)


Of Martin LAWLESS, parish of Kiltolla, county Galway, who left Waltham, Ms. in December last intending to go to Maryland. Any information respecting him will be thankfully received by his brother, Thomas LAWLESS, care of Michael Broderick, Waltham. Ms.


Of Michael MALOWNEY, who lived at Two-Mile ridge, near Youghal (County Cork), aged 28 years, left the Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad, Maine, two years ago and went ot Alabama. When last heard from (9 months ago) he left for Tennessee, with James Harnrahen. Information will be thankfully received by his mother who came from Ireland 2 months ago. Direct to Catherine MALOWNEY, care of Patrick Ahearn, Lewiston Falls, ME. Page 317

Of Mary MALOWNEY, and her husband Thomas Carroll, of Johnston, parish Donhill (County Waterford); when last heard from were in New Sale, Illinois. Her brother, Maurice MALOWNEY, of Toronto, Canada wishes to hear from them. Page 544

Edward MALOWNEY, Tamaqua, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, placed an ad in search of his brother-in-law, Edward Swift. Page 331

Anne McGowan MALOWNEY of Chicago, Illinois placed an ad for her brother James McGowan, native of parish Adrigoole, County Mayo. When last heard from James was in Niagara, Canada West. Page 280