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MALOWNEY-WILSON (Margaret and Mary WILSON (sisters) married MALOWNEY brothers

1  William Malowney  b: in Ireland   +Catherine Jones    m: in Canada   

2  William Malowney 

.... 2  Charles (unsure) Malowney 
.... 2  John James Malowney  b: November 28, 1845 d: May 25, 1908 in Hebron and Chester, NE
+Margaret WILSON  b: October 08, 1846    d: September 15, 1927    Father: Robert Wilson  Mother: Jane Harkness  "J. J. Malowney" is listed as a trustee in 1879, and Chairman in 1880 for Hebron, NE (pop grew from 20 to 800) in Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska-THAYER County Hebron is in south NE near Kanas. The Hebron Hall Company recently organized for the purpose of building an opera-house or town hall. J. J. Malowney, President; Noah Coffman, Secretary, and W. J. Thompson, Treasurer. They have commenced the erection of a substantial and ornamental stone building, seventy feet in depth by forty in width. The auditorium with the gallery will have the capacity to seat 700 persons comfortably. There is to be a public reading-room in the front portion of the building. The front portion, two stories in height, is to be of cut limestone, obtained from the quarries along the Little Blue. The enterprise was quite an ambitious one, but it goes to illustrate the energy and progressive spirit of the people, for the stock was at once taken, and ample means are now on hand for the completion of the enterprise. It will be years before the investment will be financially successful, but they are going to be satisfied by the gratification of knowing their ambition was not beyond their ability to reach, and in the social enjoyment it will afford to themselves and their children.

WERNER BROTHERS, dealers in hardware, tinware, furniture, etc.; the hardware business was established in 1875, and in September, 1880, the above firm purchased the store and business from Malowney & Wilson (WILSON sisters married Malowney brothers)

....... 3  Robert John Malowney  b: April 27, 1866    d: March 09, 1941
..........  +Anna Elizabeth Wirth  b: April 15, 1870    d: February 02, 1959 

1. Arthur MALOWNEY - International Genealogical Index
Gender: M Birth: 16 Aug 1899 Chester, Thayer, Nebraska
4. Jean MALOWNEY - International Genealogical Index
Gender: F Birth: 14 Dec 1908 Chester, Thayer, Nebraska

....... 3  Coco Malowney    +Elmo B. Roper/ Sr.
 ROPER WEBSITE   The Northern Ropers are in both the John Roper (b1587Eng d>1664MA) and the Rousper files. Their son Elmo ROPER Jr. founded ROPER  Research  Institute.

.... 2  Thomas Jones Malowney  b: March 20, 1848
+ Mary WILSON  Father: Robert Wilson  Mother: Jane HARKNESS (WILSON sisters married Malowney brothers)

....... 3  Lillian Malowney   +Jesse WHITZLE          
....... 3  James Robert Malowney  + Ida May DUEY b.  5/17/1891 in Belleville, Kansas. d. in Kearney, Nebraska on 12/4/1977. 

4   Elaine MALOWNEY born 10 May 1916
4  Charlotte Larue MALOWNEY born 30 Sep 1917

 4 James Robert MALOWNEY Jr. and Elizabeth L. HOPKINS d. 1991 She spent over 30 years extensively researching all MALOWNEY genealogy and her research laid the foundation for Virginia MALOWNEY Thomas' research later. My cousin Lynn said she read a wedding announcement for Laurel Malowney (Elizabeth's daughter) in the newspaper. She told Aunt Virginia since this was a group of MALOWNEYs we were unaware of.  Then Virginia contacted Elizabeth MALOWNEY who generously shared all of her research with her. I saw countless letters from Virginia to Elizabeth when I visited her daughter.
                    5 Laurel MALOWNEY
                    5 Scott MALOWNEY
....... 3  Thomas Malowney 

.... 2  Richard Malowney - information on Richard's wife from

Name Cemetery
Malowney, Mary Lou S
b. Apr. 28, 1927 d. Nov. 17, 1994
Willamette National Cemetery
Oregon (USA)

....... 3  Michael Malowney 
....... 3  John Malowney 


1900 Thayer County Atlas
All Name Index

The numbers and letters following each name
correspond with plat maps found on the previous page.
For example: "Knight, Geo  1N 3W  1"  would be found
on map 1N 3W, section 1

Malowney, Margaret 3N 2W  20 
Malowney, Rob't J. 2N 3W  23 
Malowney, Robt. J. 2N 2W  24 

1900 Plat Book of Thayer County Nebraska




Business Directory for 1890-1891
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

 Malowney J J, agl implts.

Partial listings from Social Security death index

Name Born Died Residence SS
ARTHUR MALOWNEY 13 Aug 1899 11 May 1990 80215 (Lakewood, Jefferson, CO) CO before 1951
E MALOWNEY 28 Jun 1924 24 Aug 1993 66212 (Shawnee Mission, KS) MO before 1951
ELIZABETH MALOWNEY 13 Nov 1925 26 Sep 1992 74135 (Tulsa, Tulsa, OK) WA before 1951
IDA MALOWNEY 17 May 1892 Dec 1977 68847 (Kearney, Buffalo, NE) CA before 1951
LEATTA MALOWNEY 4 Feb 1950 26 Jan 1997 97306 (Salem, Marion, OR) OR before 1963
MARY MALOWNEY 12 Jun 1897 May 1967 68466 (Wymore, NE) NE 1952-1953
MARY MALOWNEY 28 Apr 1927 Nov 1994 97030 (Gresham, Multnomah, OR) NE before 1951
THEDA MALOWNEY 6 Jan 1922 Jul 1986 (No Location Given) 66207 (Shawnee Mission, Johnson, KS) Nebraska Before 1951